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Why I Went Paleo March 14, 2011

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The basics of eating paleo…

  • unprocessessed meat (organic, grass fed is the best option)
  • vegetables (excluding corn, startchy potatoes, and beans)
  • fruit (limiting if you want to lose weight)
  • healthy oils (i’ve been using olive oil and coconut oil)

It really does make sense to eat real, unprocessed foods. I mean, anything that can sit on a shelf for more than a month should sound kind of sketchy, right???

Why I am doing it…

I was feeling blah…all the time! Do you ever feel like that? I have not had a blah feeling (besides being tired from lack of sleep…) since changing my eating habits. I was looking for something that I could stick to, that would give me energy, and help me lose a little bit of that winter hibernation “pudge that always seems to develop in the colder months when I am not as active, while still getting the proper nutrients and calories. (SIDE NOTE…I dislike very strongly when I hear people that want to lose weight, cut their calories!!! It’s like fueling a car…if you don’t put any gas in it, it is not going to run! Our bodies are just like that, if you don’t feed it, it is not going to run right or not at all!) I did quite a bit of research before doing this and after reading Robb Wolf’s book, The Paleo Diet Solution, I was sold!


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