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How Much Should I Be Eating? March 19, 2011

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Typically in the past, when we “diet” we restrict calories, watch what we eat, and lose weight, or do we? “Dieting” is not sustainable and this is why fad diets don’t last and you end up gaining more weight than what you weighed before, right? Your body is like a car, if it does not have enough gas, it will not make it to where it needs to go. You would not risk running your gas tank on empty, why would you cut out so many calories that your body cannot function. We should take in as many calories as we need to function. When we are fasting, our body begins to break down muscle and begin storing fat for energy. When we overeat, we also store more due to excess calories, whether they are from fat, carbs, or protein. A good balance is simple. Eat when you are hungry, do not eat when you are not! Fuel your body before and after workouts appropriately. Eat slow so you body can send the signal to your intestines and stomach that you are full before you overeat!

The paleo diet focuses on a higher protein ration compared to carbs. If you are into math, here’s the rough breakdown. 30-35% of energy from protein, 20-30% of energy from carbs, and a fat intake of around 40%. But I thought this was a fat flush!?! Think good fats, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, grass-fed meat, etc. These will give you the good fats you need to help raise satiety levels, making you feel fuller longer. They also are a good source of energy for prolonged energy needs. Although we want fat in our diet, it needs to be good fat. You should never have trans fat your your diet. This is one of the worst fats you can consume. Anything that can sit on a shelf for months on end tends to have trans fat.

Make the most of your diet so you can continue to gain results, both in body composition and in your workouts. Has anyone started implementing Paleo into their life? What results have you gained? I know personally, I am definitely stronger. Going from 45 pound to 65 pound thrusters for Fran in just a few short months!! Do you need an accountability partner? Share your thoughts and plans with another person at our gym, I’m sure there is someone else thinking about making a change in their diet so they can make changes in their life!


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