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Freshening Things Up January 4, 2012

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Just wanted to give you a little update…and why I may not have as many posts in the next few weeks. I’m hard at work creating a cookbook for my gym, putting together a Paleo workshop and writing a 30 day Paleo challenge.

AND…for you guys, I’m also working on cleaning up this blog a little bit, so it can be more dedicated to living a fit and fresh life with emphasis on the Paleo lifestyle! I’m updating several recipes to follow my new “rules” on cooking with oil (olive oil is out for cooking…just dressings and marinades!), reformatting recipes so all will look similar and have consistent formatting (OCD kicking in) , and cleaning out posts that are not so Paleo friendly.  So stay tuned…2012 is going to be a great year for this blog!!!


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