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9 Week Paleo Challenge September 16, 2012

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Me, my man, and a few of my friends are embarking on a 9 week paleo challenge tomorrow!! I have done a few paleo challenges in my life, but this is going to dig deeper as not only are you committing to a 9 week challenge of eating clean, you are also being monitored based on your diet, performance, before/after pictures, before/after measurements, and before/after benchmark workouts. Each “little” cheat costs you 5 points…and there are some pretty amazing prizes for being top dog in your region and overall. Sooooooo, I guess you could say there is a little incentive this time. I must admit, I have been a little…well okay…kinda a lotta bit…lax lately with my eating. I have noticed a slight weight gain, decreased energy/performance, and trouble sleeping/staying asleep. Sooooo, not only are the incentives driving me to do this, I am really looking forward to getting back on track, losing a little weight, and boosting my performance in the gym and having better energy levels and sleep cycles. It’s also going to be awesome to do this with my boyfriend as he is 100% on board and we are planning our daily meals together and going to be each other’s support system. In my past challenges, I never really had an accountability partner, so I’m really glad he’s doing this with me.  I will probably focus the next several weeks of posts on this challenge…letting you guys know feeling, accomplishments, failures, etc. and hopefully inspiring you to get out there and do something. Here’s some of my goals over the next 2 months…

1. Lose 10-15 pounds (healthy)…if I become stagnant at a weight, despite eating clean, working out, and NOT cheating, I know that is my goal weight.

2. With the loss in weight, I want to be able to complete at least 7 pull-ups in a row. There was a few weeks back that I finally met my year goal of being able to do 5 in a row! Yeah, but now I want more…and I want to be able to at least 7 consistently each time I workout!

3. I want to be faster with my running…I’m not really going to “measure” this, but I want to be happy running again and not feel like I am going to die…

4. Be clean of alcohol for a while. This is a 9 week challenge and I love me some wine, margaritas, beer, and pretty much everything except whiskey. I feel amazing when I don’t drink and this will get me back on track and not have the feeling that I need to have a beer/drink when out with friends, “just because.” Not only am I going to feel better, I’m going to save some $$$$ as well 🙂

I think that pretty much sums it up. I’m sure I’m going to have a few more goals as this goes on, but those are my starting points. Feel free to read along while I’m doing this, give me some encouragement, and maybe even set a few goals for yourself 🙂


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