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2013, Here I come December 26, 2012

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So as I said in 2012 post, I really like setting goals each year versus making new year resolutions, because goals give you something to work towards and even if you don’t reach them, you are still continually working on them. As I said last year, my favorite definition of the word goal: “the result or achievement toward which effort is directed.”  Goals take effort and commitment over a period of time which is something I worked hard toward in 2012 and going to work even harder in 2013. What are your 2013 goals?


  • Read the Bible weekly


  • Get rid of 1 credit card debt


  • Have date night once a month
  • Continue with girls night once every other month


  • Travel to a new place I’ve never been


  • Squat 230, Snatch 130, Deadlift 325
  • Get more consistent with pull-ups and be able to do a ring dip


  • Complete a research project/poster/paper

Personal Growth:

  • Read a book once a month

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