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My Whole 30: Week 1 August 10, 2015

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doing-the-w30-fb-cover-660x244Wow, its been almost 2 years since I have blogged… bought a house, took a board certification test, and got married! So, I guess I have an excuse, but I’ve wanted to get back to this. So no better way than to document my first whole 30. Now this isn’t my first attempt; however, having made it through a baseball game tailgate without any attempts at eating non-compliant foods, I’m pretty confident I will be successful this go around.

Why a Whole 30? I feel like I have fallen way off track eating healthy, with stress being the main reason/excuse for unhealthy eating habits. for some reason I can justify eating cupcakes, muffins, etc. because I have an a sense of an ounce of stress. In addition to removing foods that cause unhealthy reactions in the body, but also to help with the psychologically unhealthy foods, which was the main premise of my need to start and complete this.

So now that I am blogging about it, I will have to be successful, right? I’m also revisiting some of my oldie but goody recipes and using them throughout this 30 days and sharing links for some of my favs. Here we go, week 1 completed as of 8:30 this evening! I actually felt better than I was anticipating, but I think I also had a fairly good diet before hand with a sweet tooth added. Week on down and I’m feeling pretty good, maybe a headache here and there with only one day of really low energy, but I think I just didn’t have enough good carbs the evening before.

Day 1:
B: sausage spinach scramble and a side of cantaloupe
S: blueberry Rx bar
L: tuna salad over greens with tomato,and avocado, blackberries
D: ribs, roasted sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts
Workout: 60 min strength training, 50 min swim

Day 2:
B: sausage spinach scramble
S: cashews and melon
L: tuna salad over greens, melon, sparking watermelon drink
D: buffalo chicken thighs, zucchini and red pepper sauté, spinach salad with avocado, tomato, and apple
Workout: 60 min bike ride

Day 3:
B: sweet potato hash and scrambled eggs
L: shredded buffalo chicken, salad with avocado, tomatoes, apples, hard boiled egg, and carrots; sparking watermelon drink
S: grapes and cashews
D: chicken meatballs, sautéed butternut squash, and roasted cabbage
Workout: 60min strength training

Day 4:
B: eggs with avocado, tomato, and jalapeno; almond butter and banana
L: leftover chicken meatballs and cabbage
S: apple cinnamon rx bar
D: lamb ragu with spaghetti squash, mushroom, and eggplant with a side of green beans
Workout: rest

Day 5:
B: scrambled eggs, Brussels sprouts and sweet potato hash
L: roasted chicken breast, fruit medley, kombucha
D: brats, carrots and avocado
S: banana and almond butter
Workout: 75 min bike

Day 6:
B: 2 eggs over easy, half an avocado and hot sauce, banana and almond butter and kombucha
L: chipotle: chicken and pork, medium salsa, lettuce, and guac
S: grapes
D: grilled chicken, roasted potatoes with onion and hot sauce, cucumber melon salad
Workout: 50 min run/walk, 45 min swim

Day 7:
B: sausage, spinach, and egg scramble, banana and almond butter
L: chicken, potatoes, and salad with broccoli, carrots, and hard boiled eggs
S: larabar
D: roasted ham, mashed cauliflower, green beans, melon
Workout: crossfit

Wish me luck on week 2!


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