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My Whole30: Week 2 August 18, 2015

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This week has actually went surprisingly well…I only started having a little bit of regret towards the end of the week, particularly when seeing dark chocolate and caramel. This week has made me realize how much I snacked and the poor choices I was making…twizzlers, mini dark chocolates, a muffin here and there because I was still hungry from breakfast….the list may go on a little, but you get the idea. I now replace those “snacks” with a healthier option like fruit or a handful of nuts. With my triathlon training, I feel that I need a little more “carbs” than I would on a rest day, otherwise I feel like crap and have crappy workouts, so looking at my weekly menu, you may see a little more fruit than what another person may eat. There were two days in week 1 where I just tanked very quickly and noticed a big difference with the higher fruit intake. Going strong for week 3!

Day 8:
B: sausage scrabble, banana and almond butter
L: chicken, potatoes, and green beans
S: apple, cashews
D: stuffed pork chops, balsalmic Brussels sprouts, spinach salad
Workout: strength program and 50 min swim

Day 9:
B: shredded potatoes with jalapeno and onion, 2 eggs over easy with hot sauce
L: pork chop and Brussels sprouts
S: larabar
D: lamb “sloppy joes” over spinach
Workout: 1.5 hour bike ride

Day 10:
B: scrambled eggs, banana and almond butter
L: lamb sloppy joes over spinach
D: chicken chorizo burger, roasted potatoes and onions, cucumber tomato salad
S: watermelon
Workout: strength program

Day 11:
B: sausage scramble with over easy eggs
L: chicken burger, potatoes, and cucumber salad
S: banana and almond butter
D: spinach salad with bacon, leeks, tomato, eggs, and avocado

Day 12:
B: sausage scramble, eggs, grapes
L: chicken burger, salad
S: banana and almond butter
D: grilled chicken, chorizo, cucumber salad, melon, Kombucha

Day 13:
B: bacon, eggs, watermelon, Kombucha
L: chicken, salad, watermelon
S: banana and almond butter
D: spinach, bacon, sweet potato salad, pork confit with pickles

Day 14:
B: Quiche with peppers, tomato, sausage, and shredded potato
L: Chicken, bacon, sweet potato, and leek hash, banana and almond butter
D: Baked chicken with roasted red pepper sauce, braised cabbage, and sweet potato fries
Workout: CrossFit


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