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My Whole 30: Week 4 August 31, 2015

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W9-Manifesto-for-FB-Cover-NEW-660x2442 days to go!!! Feeling great, but had to pass on my aunt’s amazing cakes this weekend (pass = brought some slices home and put in the freezer…to be consumed later). You don’t understand…her cakes amazing, and I almost broke to have one…and even passed on rumchata…sniff. Anyways, I did great on a weekend in my hometown, even made good choices when out to eat, even is the waitress was annoyed with me! I’m really excited for Thursday…I feel slimmed down (lost the bloat belly) and following rules, haven’t weighed myself.  I’ve even had a few comments of people noticing some slimming down. I realize I don’t need a Starbucks refresher every morning as well. Sleep is definitely better, even wanting to go to bed before 9 sometimes 🙂  Here’s my week 4 menu:

Day 22:
B: breakfast casserole, green smoothie
L: chicken, cauli rice
S: larabar
D: meatball soup
Workout: 3 mile run/walk

Day 23:
B: chorizo breakfast casserole, banana
L: meatball soup
S: apple
D: pork chop, broccoli salad
Workout: 1 mile swim, 50 min bike ride, 10 min run

Day 24:
B: chorizo casserole with half avocado, banana and almond butter
L: pork chop, broccoli salad
D: chicken thigh, Brussels sprouts, potatoes
S: rx bar
Workout: rest day

Day 25:
B: sweet potato casserole
L: chicken thigh, Brussels sprouts, potatoes
D: Jimmy John’s unwich, rx bar
Workout: 2 mile run

Day 26:
B: rx bar
L: sweet potato hash with eggs
S: banana
D: salmon, salad, broccoli, carrots, and potato
Workout: Crossfit class

Day 27:
B: sweet potato hash and eggs
L: ham wrap, salad, fruit
D: chicken sausage, salad, apple
S: banana
Workout: 4 mile run/walk

Day 28:
B: eggs, bacon, Brussels sprouts
S: banana and almond butter
L: chicken, salad, grapes, watermelon
D: shrimp, tuna, zucchini noodles with bacon, tomatoes, and garlic, watermelon
Workout: rest day


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