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I FINISHED THE WHOLE 30!!!! September 20, 2015

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So I’m a little late on this post, but I finished the Whole 30!   Here’s my last two days of meals, snacks, and workouts, progress photos, and a summary:

Day 29:
B: sausage and potato egg casserole
L: grilled chicken salad
S: rx bar and an apple
D: pork chile verde, bacon and onion green beans, and sweet potatoes with garlic and sriracha aioli
Workout: mile swim

Day 30:
B: sausage and potato casserole
L: day 29 leftovers
D:  artichoke stuffed chicken breast in tomato sauce, roasted carrots, and spinach salad

Workout: 60 min bike ride, 45 min run/walk, yoga


Overall, my predictions were right, I didn’t need 2 starbucks refreshers everyday, learned how to sleep better and without ZZZquill, lost a few pounds and the bloat. I added in a root beer beer on day 31 and got an immediate headache, but unsure if it was from the sugar or the alcohol or a combo. I’ve added in things here and there, and realize that alcohol gives me a headache, no matter what kind, huge bummer, but I now I know. I get bloated with dairy and gluten, and get really bad stomach cramps from those too as well. Each person is different, but now I know my triggers and adverse effects for myself and will make the decision if those choices are worth it. It also makes me happy that you can get these results from nothing other than what you put in your mouth and real food…no pills, starvation, shakes, or supplements. I also had to manage throughout multiple life events that one could justify, well I need to cheat today, including a baseball game tailgate, wedding shower, baby shower, traveling via airplane/airport, and continuing education course. All it takes is a little extra planning, but if I could make it through these events without a slip, then you can too. I have a better relationship with food and now am more aware of what I’m putting in my body.

Several people are jumping in and starting the Whole 30 tomorrow, and I’m going to join them!  If I had such good results the first go around, a second month is only going to be better!


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